CNN's Jim Acosta describes Trump's 'sad and pathetic' last moments before heading to Florida
Donald Trump. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

Appearing on CNN's "Reliable Sources," Jim Acosta -- who is stepping down as chief White House correspondent to host a weekend show for the network -- was asked by host Brian Stelter to describe witnessing Donald Trump's departure to Florida as Joe Biden was sworn into office.

According to Acosta -- who has battled with the president for four years -- the scene was "sad and pathetic."

"It was sort of a sad and pathetic sight," Acosta told Stelter. "I've never seen him this alone the entire time he was at the level of presidential politics."

"Essentially what we saw was the undoing of the Trump presidency," he continued. "What we saw the President build over the course of four or five years out on the campaign trail and over at the White House just sort of unraveled at the end."

Acosta also said this was likely not the last time we would be seeing Trump on the national stage.

"I think it is temporary," he said of Trump's current Twitter-less silence, adding the ex-president has the potential " ... to come back in the days to come. I do think Trump is going to lead at least a fringe movement in this country."

Watch below:

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