Trump blasted on CNN after shocking new report reveals how he scammed his supporters

On CNN Monday, analyst John Harwood tore into former President Donald Trump in light of a new report that his campaign used deceptive online practices to trick donors into signing up for recurring payments they couldn't afford.

"This is no small thing," said anchor John Berman. "I've never seen anything like this. The Trump campaign and RNC had to make 530,000 refunds worth more than $64 million. Again, I've never heard anything close to that in campaigns before. This shows you, this is an epic, you know, an epic systemic issue."

"John, it's a little late for anybody to be shocked at this kind of behavior from Donald Trump," said Harwood. "Remember, during the 2016 campaign, when Marco Rubio was running against him for the Republican nomination, he said that Donald Trump was a con artist. But it is not too late to be appalled by this."

"On behalf of those people who loyally stood with Donald Trump, who backed him, believing he was their champion, and then to find that the for-profit company that worked with the Trump campaign set up this situation where they would extract money out of your bank account, they would even double the amount that you had said you wanted to contribute by having pre-checked the box that said you want to double your contribution?" said Harwood. "Yes, sure, the Trump campaign may have wanted you to double your donation. It's one of the sad realities of the way Donald Trump operated that he fooled a large number of people who are paying for it now."

Watch below:

John Harwood on the Trump campaign's deceptive recurring payments