Trump might self-publish his memoir because he's afraid he'd get a smaller cash advance than Obama: publishing exec
Donald Trump. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, Politico reported that a publishing executive believes former President Donald Trump will self-publish his memoir rather than go through one of the big publishing houses.

The reason? He is afraid he would get a smaller cash advance than former President Barack Obama did for his memoir.

"My suspicion is Trump is self-publishing because he doesn’t want the humiliation of getting a smaller advance than he has before or anyone finding out that it is smaller than Obama’s,” one publishing executive told Politico. "I imagine that’s as big a part of it as anything."

As the report noted, Obama received $60 million as an advance from Penguin Random House.

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Throughout the years, Trump has frequently reacted negatively to fear of Obama receiving more accolades and honors than he has. In 2019, Trump biographer Michael d'Antonio speculated he was afraid Obama would win an Emmy, while he attacked Obama as "grossly incompetent" after his predecessor delivered a speech about the effort to fight COVID-19 in 2020.