‘Trump cannot be appeased’: California Republicans panic that his ‘stink’ will scare off voters

While the California GOP has made moderate gains in recent years, things took a turn in the wake of former President Trump's conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, followed by the violence at the U.S. Capitol which was sparked by those same conspiracy theories.

Now, according to the Sacramento Bee's Lara Korte, some California Republicans are saying Trump has made their quest to capitalize on recent gains more difficult.

"The Trump stink is going to have a long, long tail," said Mike Madrid, a former political director for the California Republican Party who worked against Trump's re-election. "And it's not just going to be politicians he surrounded himself with. It's going to splash onto consultants who worked with him, appointees that worked around him, the people who worked with candidates that were endorsed by him."

Some who continue to voice support for Trump are starting to see consequences. As Korte points out, state Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove -- who repeatedly regurgitated Trump's claims about a stolen election -- was ousted from her position last week after her party lost two Senate seats.

"The California Republican Party last year endorsed three GOP congressional candidates who supported various aspects of the QAnon conspiracy theories, a fringe conservative movement based on the false idea that Trump was elected to fight against a Satan-worshipping cabal of Democratic pedophiles," Korte writes. "All three candidates lost by double-digit margins to their Democratic opponents. Republicans have been on a long, downward slide in California for decades. Some argue Trump was just an accelerant."

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