Trump fan lip-syncs 'what you gonna do about it' as she touts fake vaccine card – gets reported to the FBI

A Trump supporter in a recent TikTok video asked the question: "Who in there still hasn't been vaccinated?" She then approached the camera and mouthed, "Me" before breaking into a lip-syncing rendition of the song, "What You Gonna Do About It?"

The video, posted by @notsamantharose17, was reposted by @thatdaneshguy, who shows up on the screen and replies: "Quite literally report you to the FBI for a fake COVID vaccine card."

In a response to the increased use of fake vaccine cards, the FBI has warned that it's a federal offense to make, sell, or use a fake vaccine card.

As the Daily Dot points out, @notsamantharose17 eventually deleted the video. Other social media posts show her support for former President Donald Trump, including one that shows her flying a "F*** Biden" flag.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, @thatdaneshguy, whose name is Danesh, said that while he agrees that vaccination is a personal choice, using fake vaccine cards is a different matter altogether.

"She is using a fake vaccination card to deceive guidelines at public events (like a concert she recently went to according to her Instagram) where there will be other people there who she is making a medical choice for," he said. "Vaccinations reduce the chance of spread, but not completely so when she's ignoring guidelines and spreading it to others, she is responsible for the people she infects."

Watch the video below: