Supporter says Trump saved lives with vaccine and everyone who takes it will be dead in 15 years
The Good Liars/Twitter/screen grab

A supporter of Donald Trump believes that the former president saved lives with Operation Warp Speed even though he also claims that the Covid-19 vaccine will kill everyone who takes it within 15 years.

The supporter was caught on video speaking to Jason Selvig from The Good Liars, a comedy duo responsible for pranking public officials.

"Everyone who has taken the vaccine will be dead within 5 to 15 years guaranteed," the Trump supporter claimed.

"So why did Donald Trump authorize Operation Warp Speed then and create the vaccine?" Selvig asked.

"Because if not, I think a lot more people would have died," the Trump supporter replied.

A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study has found that there is no increased risk of death among people vaccinated for Covid-19.

Watch the video below.