Trump supporter tells CNN he won't get vaccinated because Pfizer 'shafted my president'

A supporter of former President Donald Trump told CNN this week that he won't get vaccinated against COVID-19 because he feels that pharmaceutical companies deliberately withheld news of their vaccines until after the election to hurt him politically.

In an interview with reporter Elle Reeve, Missouri resident Wayland Bland said that he didn't want to get vaccinated even though he was hospitalized with COVID-19 last year and took a wide cocktail of treatments until he recovered.

"I was on everything they had," he said. "Steroids, full drip, plasma from people that had COVID, drugs that they give my president, Trump, and they finally burned it out of me."

Reeve then asked why he was so open to getting those treatments but not the vaccine.

After some hesitation, Bland admitted the real reason.

"They shafted my president," he said of Pfizer. "They would have had the vaccine, already had it, but they wouldn't give it to him because they know he would be reelected so they had to swindle around and... keep it from him."

Watch the video below.

Trump supporter says he won't get vaccinated because Pfizer 'shafted my president'