Trump boat parade organizer caught on video yelling 'white power!'

Trump fans Dion Cini and Cliff Gephart held their pro-Trump boat parade earlier this month in Tampa, Florida, and they plan to take their parades nationwide, with more events planned for San Diego, Cleveland, and Las Vegas, according to the "Trumparilla" Facebook page.

This Wednesday, Mother Jones shared a video showing Cini at a Trumparilla event yelling "white power!"

According to Mother Jones' Ali Breland, Cini yelled the phrase as he was being recognized from the stage by Gephart for his efforts to organize the event.

"I wanna thank Dion, he's worked his ass off to make this happen. He has struggled with venue after venue," Gephart said. In response, Cini acknowledged the crowd's applause and shouted "white power," while flashing an 'okay' hand symbol which some believe to be a white supremacist signal. According to Cini, he wasn't being serious.

Speaking to Mother Jones, Cini said his actions were meant as a "troll" and claimed that several Black people were in attendance.

"Of course [you] won't show that," he told Mother Jones in an email.

"White power or white lives matter is just my fishhook and there's always a taker. I do the White Lives Matter on multiple occasions, because as a Latino, I think that it's only it's fair that white people get their voices heard," Cini said before clarifying that he's of Italian descent.

Watch the video below: