Attendees at Trump-allied conference now feel sick -- and they say someone attacked them with anthrax
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Several people who attended the Trump-allied "Reawaken America" conference earlier this month now claim to be feeling sick.

However, instead of contemplating the idea that they all gave one another COVID-19, they're reportedly blaming unidentified external sources whom they claim attacked them with weapons-grade anthrax spores.

"The anthrax claim was first made by Joe Oltmann on his Conservative Daily podcast earlier this week," reports Vice News. "In a video recording of the podcast, Oltmann can be seen coughing and sneezing on camera, symptoms often associated with COVID-19 or other illnesses."

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Vice reports that, despite no evidence for claims of an anthrax attack, many of Oltmann's allies nonetheless believed him without hesitancy.

"After Oltmann made the claim about anthrax—without providing a shred of evidence—the conspiracy was boosted by other election fraud conspiracists like former New Mexico State University professor David Clements, and founder Patrick Byrne," the publication writes. "The bogus claim was also boosted by QAnon influencer-turned-Congressional candidate Ron Watkins, who called for prayers for those affected."

The "Reawaken America" conference was organized by Tulsa businessman Clay Clark and its featured speakers included former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump ally Roger Stone, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.