'You don't know who those people were!' Trump supporters at CPAC angrily deny Jan. 6 was an 'insurrection'
CNN's Donie O'Sullivan speaking to Trump supporters. (Screenshot)

Former president Donald Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection — which wasn't even an insurrection — and he will soon be reinstated, according to his supporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"Pretty much everybody we spoke to believed the election was stolen," CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reported Monday morning on "New Day," after the network aired clips from several of the interviews he conducted at the event in Dallas.

"Do you accept he lost?" O'Sullivan asked one woman.

"I accept that on paper, things happened to make it appear that way," the woman responded.

"Do you think what happened on Jan. 6 was a stain on Trump's presidency?" O'Sullivan asked another woman who was holding a Trump flag.

"Absolutely not," the woman responded. "He didn't invoke any kind of violence. He didn't say anything — that was all just honestly ridiculous. A few people acted out, out of millions of people that attended. Well, I wouldn't say millions, but thousands, close to a million."

One woman appeared to admit Trump lost the election but added, "I believe there are discrepancies and those will be revealed at some point."

"What are you hoping to hear from Trump?" O'Sullivan asked another woman.

"That he is going to regain his rightful seat as president," she responded.

"In 2024?" O'Sullivan said.

"No, as soon as the election is overturned for the election fraud," she replied.

"It's not called an insurrection to me. What about it was an insurrection?" another woman asked O'Sullivan.

"They stormed the Capitol," he responded.

"Who's they?" she said.

"The Trump supporters."

"Bullsh*t. I'm sorry, that's bullish*t," the woman said. "You don't know who those people were."

"Some Trump supporters were invited in," another woman interjected. "There's video, and there's audio. They said, 'Come on in!''"

O'Sullivan reported that most people he spoke to at the conference do not believe Trump will be reinstated, and are instead focused on 2024. However, host John Berman responded that the idea Trump will be reinstated is still "a dangerous thing."

"I know you're saying it's a minority, but to hear anyone say they think the president will be reinstated, it's an alarming strain of thought," Berman said.

Watch it below.

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