Trump lawyer says former president didn't commit tax fraud because 'the guy's a billionaire -- it's pennies' to him
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

On Monday, Business Insider reported that former President Donald Trump's attorney is publicly confident that the former president will not be indicted as part of the New York tax case.

The case centers on benefits awarded by the Trump Organization to high-ranking officials, possibly as a means of avoiding tax liability on their compensation.

"Trump's lawyer, Ronald Fischetti, told Insider that the mention had no bearing on the former president's personal legal exposure in the DA's investigation. He said that Trump paid the tuition bills personally, rather than through corporate accounts, and took 'no deductions' on them," reported Jacob Shamsian.

Furthermore, said Fischetti, Trump couldn't be involved because "This guy's a billionaire. What's he going to get out of this? It's f**king pennies! It's ridiculous. They have nothing on the president. Absolutely nothing."

The chief official currently indicted as part of the scheme is longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg. Experts also suspect an indictment will be pursued against Matthew Calamari, Trump's former bodyguard and another executive at the organization.