Trump-loving US security official removed from post after declaring Biden's win meant 'death of America'
International Stability Operations Association

A United States national security official deployed in Afghanistan was removed from his post after he declared President Joe Biden's victory would mean the "death of America."

CNN reports that Nick Sabruno, who was serving as the top State Department diplomatic security official in Afghanistan, wrote a post on his Facebook page shortly after the election in which he lashed out at both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

"Sad day in American history," Sabruno wrote. "A fraudulent election that ushered in a senile idiot and a woman that claims to be black, but she's not. Your (sic) witnessing the death of America as we know it and just standby as all our freedoms are eroded."

Ross Wilson, the acting U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan, quickly removed Sabruno from his post. Sabruno is still employed by the United States State Department, although CNN's sources say he "is not currently assigned to a specific role or office."

A State Department official who spoke with CNN on condition of anonymity called Sabruno's post "completely out of line" and said they were "damn proud of the steps we took to remove him from post pretty damn quickly."