GOP strategist fumes as Trump stays silent about vaccines: 'He should be standing on the roof shouting!'
President Donald Trump at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster (screengrab)

On Wednesday, NBC News reported that Michael Steel, a former RNC chair turned conservative critic of the GOP, is enraged that former President Donald Trump hasn't joined in the emerging Republican effort to encourage their voters to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

"What Steel said he can't understand — along with millions of Americans in both parties — is why some of Trump's top supporters are casting doubt on vaccines and why Trump himself hasn't been even more present in encouraging people to get vaccinated," reported Jonathan Allen. "'These are Trump vaccines,' Steel said. 'He should be standing on the roof of Trump Tower shouting at people to take vaccines.'"

The report comes after weeks of fringe members of the party have been spreading misinformation about vaccines, and as the Delta variant of COVID-19 supercharges a new wave of infections.

In light of this, Republican leaders have taken a more concerted effort to persuade the GOP base that they should get themselves vaccinated. Even Fox News personality Sean Hannity is now urging viewers to take the virus seriously.

Trump has at times sought to claim credit for the vaccines, but has so far been lackluster about promoting their use — and even kept his own vaccination secret in January.

"It's not clear yet whether the mixed messaging, coming against the backdrop of a surge of infections in the U.S., will have an effect on next year's midterm elections or a possible Trump bid for the presidency in 2024," said the report. "But some Republicans are befuddled by loud anti-vaccine voices drowning out the credit Trump wants to take for having pushed development of coronavirus countermeasures through Operation Warp Speed."

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