'Con man' Trump slammed for attack on vaccine maker: 'Former guy just needs to shut up'

Reacting to the CDC's advisory to suspend Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccinations due to reports of blood-clotting issues in women, former president Donald Trump -- under whom the coronavirus pandemic raged before he failed to be re-elected -- issued a statement in which he offered up an opinion that the pause is a mistake.

As part of his statement, which also included his racist "China virus" name for COVID-19, Trump attacked fellow vaccine maker Pfizer and the FDA with Trump insisting, "They didn't like me much because I pushed them extremely hard," before taking credit for the medical breakthroughs.

While many critics of the former president -- who is increasingly being referred to to as the "former guy" -- took to Twitter to say he should be ignored, others encouraged him to just go away because he has become "irrelevant."

You can see some responses below: