'A nightmare for Republicans': David Axelrod says Trump could cripple GOP again by discouraging his fans from voting
Gage Skidmore.

The chief strategist for Barack Obama's presidential campaigns said former President Donald Trump has created a "nightmare" situation for Republicans with his ongoing fixation on pushing lies about the 2020 presidential election.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed David Axelrod on Friday about Trump's statement saying his MAGA base would sit out elections if Republicans don't prioritize pushing his "Big Lie."

"You know, David, Republicans have their own problems right now with former President Trump making races a referendum on him, threatening that Republicans won't vote in the 2022 elections or the 2024 elections unless they get to the bottom of the nonexistent voter fraud that he alleges all the time," Blitzer said. "That could be a huge problem potentially for the Republicans, right?"

"Well, they had a little preview of it, Wolf, in the Georgia races after the last election, the runoff election in Georgia, where he was casting doubt about the election process and a lot of Republicans stayed home," Axelrod replied.

"And this is a big fear of Republicans, that somehow if he keeps this up, that that will happen again. Now, his spokesperson said, in explaining his position, that he wants Republicans to address the problems that plagued the last election. The way I read that was not just about his status in the last election, but to seize the tools to try and overturn the next election if he should run and in that sense, you know, it's less about whether the last election was honest but whether they can overturn the results in 2024," he explained.

"But it is a nightmare for Republicans," he concluded.


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