'I can’t believe he’s still running': Ex-Trump voters exhausted after Manhattan indictment
Trump speaking at a rally in 2019. (Shutterstock.com)

With pundits almost universally predicting Donald Trump's Manhattan indictment will solidify support for his 2024 GOP presidential run, some Trump voters are not so sure and are expressing dismay at the continuing controversies that surround him and have moved on whether he will be exonerated or not.

In interviews with New York Times, Trump voters were asked how the historic pending trial of a former president colors their feelings about him, and the responses were mixed and likely not what Trump's campaign staff wants to hear.

As the Times is reporting, "...actual G.O.P. voters who will render a verdict on his political future next year weren’t nearly as solidly behind him. Some previous Trump voters said the indictment, the first ever of a former president, was the latest shattering of norms in a ledger already stuffed with chaos from the Trump years, and it was time for their party to move on in seeking a 2024 nominee."

Case in point, New Yorker Scott Gray, who admitted he voted for Trump twice, and now claims he is looking elsewhere for a new leader of the party.

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“I think he did a lot of things right,” Mr. Gray stated before abruptly changing course and stating, “I think he’s completely unpresidential. I can’t believe he’s still running for office.”

"In conversations with Republican-leaning voters around the country, Mr. Trump’s indictment brought out much anger, occasional embarrassment and a swirl of contradictory reactions, not unlike every other twist in the yearslong high drama of Donald Trump. As expected, many rallied around the former president, calling the indictment by a Democratic prosecutor in New York a sham — a provocation they said would only cement their allegiance to Mr. Trump, who for years has encouraged supporters to see attacks on him as also attacks on them," the report stated before adding, "But for some the rush to defend was weighed down by scandal fatigue and a sense that Mr. Trump’s time has passed."

Gypsy Russ, of Iowa City, claimed to be a Trump supporter but expressed doubts he can win another general election.

“There’s not enough Republicans supporting him,” she observed before stating, "He’s just very rude. And he doesn’t talk like a president is supposed to. He didn’t gain any more followers because of the way he carries himself.”

Trump voter Palmy Vocaturo of New York, is definitely ready to move on after the Manhattan indictment.

“I’m getting mixed feelings. If he is as bad as I think he is, go ahead and do something,” they said.

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