'Weakest candidate' Donald Trump would lose in 2024: Former chief of staff
Donald Trump speaks during a rally aboard the Battleship USS Iowa in San Pedro. (Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com)

During an appearance on "CNN This Morning" on Tuesday, former GOP House member and Donald Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney left no doubt that Donald Trump would suffer a crushing defeat if he is the Republican Party's presidential nominee in 2024.

Getting right to the point, he told CNN's Don Lemon that the former president would be the GOP's "weakest candidate" to put forward.

Lemon kicked of the interview by asking about Trump squirreling away stolen government documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort -- and new revelations about more documents recovered from a Florida storage facility -- and whether he should be charged by the DOJ.

"Should he face consequences for failing to turn over documents when the National Archives asked him the first time or holding classified documents now that he is not president?" Lemon asked, adding, "Most citizens cannot claim ignorance of the law, why should he be different?"

"He shouldn't be different," Mulvaney shot back. "He shouldn't be treated any different. Everyone should be treated the same and the penalty should be commensurate with the type of documents. We heard a rumor early on these were nuclear codes, clearly that's not the case. We need to make sure the penalty is commensurate with the actual offense."

"You and I both know it's the cover-up and not the crime that gets people in trouble," he elaborated. "It's not necessarily the taking of documents but perhaps the certifying to the court or FBI that all the documents had been returned. That could be more problematic going forward."

That, in turn, led to Lemon asking about Trump running in 2024.

"You make a distinction between primary voters and general election voters and swing voters," Lemon prompted. "That's a problem for the GOP if you have a candidate that's not viable. Is he the right person to be at the top of the ticket going forward for the GOP nationwide?"

"I think there's a growing group of Republicans, myself included -- there's always been a group of Republicans who can't stand Donald Trump, so the fact is they don't like him now or think he's the best candidate in 2024 doesn't change anything, doesn't move the needle," Mulvaney explained. "But there's a growing group of Republicans that supported Donald Trump in '16 and 2020, like myself, worked with him in the administration, who think he's our weakest candidate in 2024."

"He's the one most likely to lose, because if he runs in 2024 as the Republican nominee, that election becomes a referendum on Donald Trump," he continued. "Either vote for Donald Trump or against Donald Trump. He lost that election under that sort of structure in 2020 and has shown no ability to change that dynamic going into 2024."

"I believe, if he is the Republican nominee he stands just as much chance of losing two years from now as he did two years ago," he added.

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