Chris Cuomo slams Trump's impeachment defense: 'Maybe it's Freudian that they can't even spell United'
Image via screengrab.

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Chris Cuomo tore into former President Donald Trump's legal defense ahead of the impeachment trial in the Senate.

"We're exactly one week out from the trial of the accused inciter of the insurrection," said Cuomo. "President Trump is singularly responsible for the violence and destruction, personally responsible. As for the nine House impeachment managers and their 80-page brief. Incitement of Trump, they argue, that went on before January 6th by baselessly claiming the election was stolen from him. The response?"

"Take a look at this — his people can't even spell 'United,' let alone make the case this President was anything to do with properly leading the United States of America," said Cuomo. "Oh, just a typo. No, not on something of this magnitude you make a mistake on page one. And they didn't just do it once. They did it twice. Maybe it's Freudian that they can't even spell United, because the word bears no resemblance to anything the former president was about. Here's their argument — there's no basis to say the claim on which Trump's claims were wrong. Really? The lawsuits, the members of the states that are Republicans and Democrats, Congress certifying the vote — there's no basis for saying that he's wrong?"

"Remember, it's not just about him and his mouth," added Cuomo. "It's the reality of who and what remains. A party that is acting more like a game. Many, too many, being more careful about how they speak about a QAnon kook in their ranks than Trump in the primary."

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