Trump allies increasingly concerned about latest scandal: ‘This one is different and deeply serious’
Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. (

MSNBC's Jonathan Lemire revealed that Donald Trump's allies are increasingly concerned about the investigation into his handling of highly sensitive government documents.

The FBI executed a search warrant last week at Mar-A-Lago and seized 11 sets of classified materials, and Lemire said the former president's allies are starting to worry that this scandal won't easily be brushed aside.

"Well, as someone put it to me recently, there are few things the government doesn't have a sense of humor about," Lemire said. "National security, classified documents, one of them. This is something that is, indeed, going to be followed through to the very end by the Department of Justice, with a charging decision over the horizon at some point. First part of the question, the Biden administration is keeping their distance. They want to act independently, we have no influence, they're not talking about it. President [Joe] Biden on a well-timed vacation to avoid reporters' questions on the matter."

"In Trump world, there is growing concern," he continued. "Some people I've talked to over the last week who sort of play this down. 'Look, Donald Trump got in trouble before, he always seems to get out of it. This will be -- people are talking about him again. Look, we're raising all this money. This could be good for Republicans, we have something to rally around,' as the political momentum turned against them. You're hearing some of that."

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But Trump's inner circle is less confident that he can weather this political storm.

"To those close to the former president, some worry this is different," Lemire said. "This is not a political scandal he can try to shake off. This is a different matter, one with real serious consequences. We have seen from Republicans in the first two days after the search, incredible, incendiary rhetoric against the FBI, against the federal government, condemning what happened. There has been word from those close to Trump saying, 'Hey, this one might be serious, let's not totally go on the offensive yet. Let's let this play out a little while longer.'"

"There is registering some concern in Trump world, that this one is different and deeply serious," Lemire added.

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