Tucker Carlson slapped down hard by terrorism expert for misrepresenting his findings
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Screenshot)

According to the author of the book "The Terror Factory" that examines the prosecution of terrorism suspects, a recent mention by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson should be ignored because the conservative host was misrepresenting his work to push a far-right conspiracy theory.

In a column for the Intercept, author Trevor Aaronson made his feeling about Carlson crystal clear from the beginning by writing, "I don't take Tucker Carlson seriously. No one should. Carlson's own employer, Fox News, even says as much about its primetime host."

Noting the Carlson recently cited his book in a monologue to link the FBI to the Capitol riot on Jan 6th, the author used his column to set the record straight.

"Carlson's claim fits an existing and well-established argument: that the FBI creates crimes through aggressive stings where no crimes would otherwise exist. But in the specific case of the insurrection at the Capitol, there is no evidence I've seen to support the claim. In fact, the evidence Carlson and others have presented is based on a misunderstanding of the terms that the FBI and the Justice Department use in court records," he wrote before noting that Carlson used a report from Revolver News that also is pushing a false narrative.

"Revolver's theory is that Person Two and Person Three are in fact FBI agents, and the Justice Department redacted their names to protect them and cover up for how the agents entrapped Caldwell, in a manner similar to the way we've seen FBI agents set up unsuspecting Muslims. Carlson has adopted this theory in full," he explained. "The theory put forward by Revolver and Carlson requires you to believe that the FBI and the Justice Department disregarded long-standing practices and policies to cover up for the fact that Person Two and Person Three were government agents. And in the very unlikely event that did happen, there's nothing in the records to suggest the Capitol riot occurred because of Person Two or Person Three."

Sticking a knife in Carlson's attempt to make the FBI complicit in the Capitol insurrection, the author concluded, "I think the FBI's investigation of potential right-wing threats, and the degree to which the bureau replicates its abusive post-9/11 tactics, will be a critically important story in the coming years. How news organizations report on it will be a significant test. But so far, there's no evidence to support the claim that the Capitol riot was an FBI-led plot."

You can read the whole piece here.

You can watch a portion ofCarlson's report below: