Trump's followers are a huge problem for America — but they're not all the same: mental health experts

The persistent Trump "base" and the Republican members of Congress who maintain fealty to Donald Trump do so for a variety of reasons. They are not a monolithic body but a loosely associated conglomeration of supporters with their own individual or group reasons for remaining loyal to the twice-impeached ex-President.

"Membership" in the Trump base may include entry into one or more of the following categories.

  1. "All-in" isolationists, ultra-nationalists, white supremacists, racists and insurrectionists Arguably all those who marched in Charlottesville in summer 2017 and many of those stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are openly racist, and have felt liberated by the rhetoric and policies of the Trump era. For them, Trumpism represented an enticing outlet for perceived slights or a platform upon which to boost their identity, sense of meaning or being, and self-importance.
  2. Opportunists and political chameleons Those who fall into this category recognized that the Trump train presented itself as a vehicle by which one could achieve fame, success, ambition and political or personal gain. Those with political ambition watched Trump's tactics, saw its success and made the decision to be a Trump sycophant and copycat. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, mediocre members of society who had the financial means to run for Congress, are noted Trump examples who will ride this train until it throws them off (and even then will continue to chase it). Fox News talking heads fall into this category as well. Following opportunity often requires suppressing any logic, rational thought or independent notions. This is a key factor behind the flip-flopping of politicians like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (who has vacillated in his defense and indictment of Trump and his insurrection), Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (two former Republican rivals to Trump who were mercilessly dragged by him only to become full-throated supporters), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for whom every Trump-related decision comes with an eye on the next election cycle. These are the political chameleons who will change as needed to survive.
  3. Narrow-minded, limited information input and vulnerable to cultism This group of followers is either actively or passively limited in the information that they receive through on-air and online media outlets. As a result of their "soda straw" approach to Republicanism, conservatism or Trumpism, they are simply not exposed to the damning evidence that exists to show Trump and the GOP's unethical, immoral and likely criminal behavior. This is the consumer of a steady diet of right-wing sources such as Fox News, OANN and Newsmax. One cannot discuss this group without referring to the concept of shared omnipotence, a cult leader tactic by which followers are repeatedly told that the leader will take them to a "promised land" (e.g., a place of increased wealth, no immigrants or people of color, world superiority or dominance, protection from death) and if they don't follow, the result is certain doom.
  4. Voting with their pocketbook Members of this group are totally focused on individual and family wealth. They voted for Trump twice because of his tax breaks for wealthier Americans. They may be repulsed by Trump the man, but they feel compelled to vote for him because they are profiting from his policies. They are one-issue voters and they will not be deterred by any of Trump's antics, lies or dishonesty.
  5. Hold your nose and vote Republican These group members are cousins of the previous group. This faction is diehard conservative Republicans who are unwavering in their support of the GOP based on years of support and the hope that this period is an aberration that will correct itself soon. Sen. Mitt Romney is one of the remaining stalwarts of this group.
  6. But he and I are Christians! In many ways an outgrowth of the latter group, these followers maintain their identity and faith as evangelical Christians. They have consistently voted Republican for a widely varying set of reasons, the abortion issue first and foremost among them. Now, electing and supporting Donald Trump, who is arguably the embodiment of sin, requires resolution of a huge case of cognitive dissonance. To accept Trump and Trumpism requires that a "true" Christian must fit this obviously square block into a circular halo. Attempts to reconcile this dissonance include pairing Trump with known Christian leaders and evangelicals, citing scripture that appears to validate this choice, or projecting Christian values on to Trump and Trumpists.

Not all Trump supporters are alike. It is inaccurate and wrong to lump them together. It misses the point and undermines any chance for reaching out to supporters in order to reinvent a Republican Party that is reasonable, more moderate and hinged to our American democracy.

Short of convicting and repudiating Trump at his upcoming impeachment trial — which appears highly unlikely — we will be left with the task of disambiguating and understanding his followers and what motivates them, and connecting with as many of them as possible. The future of our two-party democracy, and our entire country, will hang in the balance.

Experts explain how millions of Americans were radicalized by Donald Trump's big lies

Adolf Hitler used the "Big Lie" strategy to help kill democracy in his country. He had one Big Lie after another. Hitler used a Big Lie to explain away Germany's defeat in World War I and it set the stage for his meteoric rise in power. He blamed the Jews for Germany's loss, which was patently untrue. He promulgated that lie over and over. And it led to the biggest, and deadliest, lie in history — that Jews had to be exterminated.

Donald Trump used multiple Big Lies during his presidency. It was his propaganda technique. He took a page right out of Hitler's playbook — and it almost destroyed American democracy. The sad truth is that many Trump surrogates who remain within our government continue to stoke the remaining embers of the Big Lies. The goal of Trump's lies was to establish him as a dictator devoid of laws, rules or norms. He wanted absolute power. He wanted to amass greed with impunity. He wanted to be as corrupt and criminal as he wished.

Trump wanted to overturn our democratic way of life. He had no interest in public service. He had no desire to serve and protect the public. In fact, he wanted the public to serve him by acknowledging and accepting his absolute power.

Trump's biggest lie was that the national election was rigged and stolen from him; a lie he telegraphed in 2016. This was totally false, and he knew it. Trump lost fair and square. It was the most open and transparent election in history. There were recounts and more than 60 adjudicated lawsuits. No legitimate claims of voter fraud were ever presented by Trump or his allies. But it was this Big Lie that Trump hoped to ride to overthrow our democracy in order to remain in power. His incitement of the insurrection at the Capitol was a direct outgrowth of this Big Lie.

Another Big Lie was that the coronavirus pandemic was a hoax — or was overblown or exaggerated or was totally contained. Trump minimized and denied its severity from the beginning. His federal response was weak and passive. Despite the deaths of nearly 400,000 Americans, Trump continued the Big Lie and did almost nothing. For months he didn't even mention the pandemic or the thousands of deaths. Trump did not want the pandemic to ruin his re-election chances. All he cared about was maintaining power. He was cruel and callous about the mounting numbers of cases and deaths. His Big Lie successfully muzzled our nation's experts on infectious disease and epidemiology.

A third Big Lie was that the free press is the "enemy of the people" because it produces "fake news." This lie was long-lasting yet completely false. Trump wanted no oversight and no accountability, and viewed the press as a threat to the continuation of his power. Let us be clear: The free press is protected by the Constitution and is a defining feature of our representative democracy. Trump's Big Lie here was completely self-serving, disingenuous and false.

So Trump's three Big Lies — individually and in combination — defined his presidency. His idea of governing was to use propaganda to solidify his grip on power. But more than that, his "Big Lies" reflected his anti-democratic and anti-American beliefs. Trump does not love democracy and does not love our country.

There were many Big Lies spread by Trump during his tenure. His claims that Robert Mueller's investigation was a hoax was a Big Lie. His "perfect" call with the Ukrainian president was a Big Lie. His claim that he would save protections for pre-existing conditions in health care coverage was a Big Lie. In fact, it has been shown that Trump lied more than 30,000 times in four years.

It is undeniable that Trump's plan was to ride his Big Lies into a dictatorship. He is an authoritarian at heart. He is a fascist in his thinking and in his impulses.

Trump's plan was to activate an anti-democratic movement in the country. The way he connected with millions of supporters was through his Big Lies. That was his hook to capture the attention and irrational passion of his supporters. He was the pied piper of Big Lies.

The Republican Party has been complicit with Donald Trump for four years and counting. They have supported his anti-democratic and anti-American Big Lies. Until and unless the party extricates itself from Trump, millions of Americans will continue to believe in their cult leader and his Big Lies.

Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and many others must change course and condemn Donald Trump. They must correct the Big Lies — and to this point there is no sign they will do so. If they don't, they will take the Republican Party down a rabbit hole of darkness, doom and failure.

Here is what should be verbalized by every single Republican: "I condemn Donald Trump. The election was not stolen. He completely botched the response to the pandemic. The free press is crucial to our democracy. The Republican Party needs new leadership to maintain our democracy." Members of Congress who cannot make this statement openly and loudly should be expelled. Yes, this should be a litmus test for our democracy. Democracy cannot truly prevail until Trump and his Big Lies are renounced and defeated. His anti-democratic rhetoric, behavior and intentions cannot continue to circulate like a metastasizing cancer. Trump's propaganda agenda is still alive. His Big Lies must be repudiated before any healing and unity are even possible.

This is urgent and necessary. Our democratic experiment hangs in the balance.

Trump supporters attack the host of their own rally for trying to enforce COVID-19 guidelines

Trump supporters attack the host of their own rally for trying to enforce COVID-19 guidelines Trump supporters rally in Wisconsin (Screen cap).

Mental health experts say there's only one way for America to heal: Trump must face real punishment

Donald Trump is gone. Jan. 20 has come and gone. Joe Biden is our 46th president and Kamala Harris is our vice president. Celebration has been on display and our democracy is breathing easier.

But our glow of hopefulness will inevitably be dampened by the penetrating darkness of the past four years. The aftermath of Donald Trump is before us. And it cannot be avoided. For example, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and several other members of the "sedition caucus" are still in Congress and stand as a constant reminder of how much accountability and healing must still occur.

Many of us are at high risk for the development of trauma, stress-related and anxiety-related symptoms (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD). We have been subjected to physical and psychological abuse by the now-departed president. The sickness and death associated with the coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic. Our crippled economy has created widespread depression and anxiety. Trump's racism, xenophobia, misogyny, nativism, white supremacy, violence and incitement of insurrection have all been traumatic forces as well.

Post-traumatic stress symptoms are increasingly evident among us: distressing and intrusive thoughts, anxiety, worry, fear, flashbacks, nightmares, hyper-vigilance, disturbed sleep and more. These symptoms occur most notably in those with close proximity to the horrific nature of the deadly disease, such as first responders, medical providers and friends and families of victims. All are due to the impact of a cruel and corrupt leader who harmed us after swearing to be our protector. Much like a domestic abuser, Trump deceived, betrayed and mistreated us.

Beyond that, millions of Americans continue to view Trump as their beloved cult leader — even though he has been defeated, disgraced and repudiated. Trump's followers have been radicalized by the cumulative effects of his lies, conspiracy theories, magical thinking and fake narratives. Americans were bombarded with misinformation and propaganda. As a result, there are many passionate supporters who, at least until now, have refused to allow facts and the truth to shape their perceptions of their leader. Trump's demagoguery and fear-mongering has worked.

Donald Trump is a proven traitor — at least in the colloquial sense, and perhaps the legal sense as well — who spent four years disavowing the Constitution, attacking our democracy and abusing the public. He must be prosecuted and punished for his misdeeds and malfeasance.

We know that victims of abuse are better able to recover their self-esteem and hopefulness when abusers are held to account and victim safety is assured. Victims often feel unheard, misunderstood and unloved because their horrific experiences are minimized or not believed altogether. Prosecution of the abuser can go a long way to validate the intrinsic worth of the victim, and to help recapture positive mental health.

So, in a very real way, prosecution of Donald Trump is necessary for individual Americans to heal from their psychological distress and trauma and to feel liberated and positive going forward.

In a similar vein, the radicalization of Trump supporters can be deprogrammed if they see him being prosecuted and punished for his nefarious acts. He must be exposed for who he is — a con man whose cruelty, indifference and anti-democratic leanings were unleashed on the public. The realization of Trump's menace might help sweep away the false view of him as an esteemed leader. For some, this realization began last Wednesday, as President Biden was sworn in and Trump's supporters realized that their delusional belief in an ongoing Trump reign was shattered.

Dealing with the maliciousness and destructiveness of Donald Trump has begun. His oxygen of attention has been taken away. He has been banned from social media platforms. He is being ostracized and purged in most circles. But more than that, he must be prosecuted and punished for his transgressions against America and its people. He cannot simply be given a free pass because he is finally out of office. This would convey a dangerous message. We cannot stick our heads in the sand when abuse and radicalization have run rampant.

It appears that Trump is already considering another presidential run in 2024. Such is an unfathomable proposition in light of his past four years of abuse, death and insurrection. His lack of shame and remorse is appalling — but in no way surprising.

Trump must be convicted in the Senate for his second impeachment offense. He must be banned from future elected office as well. We must send a clear message to him and to all other future or potential presidential candidates that corrupt and criminal behavior will not be tolerated. We will not be abused all over again.

It will take time for us to heal, but that will happen more quickly and completely if prosecution and punishment is meted out to Donald Trump. In a democracy, no person is above the law. We must all be held accountable for our actions. Especially someone who misused and debased the highest office in the land, and whose reign of terror has traumatized us all.

Trump is leaving office disgraced and humiliated -- and no one should be afraid of him now

For four years we have heard that Republicans are afraid to stand up to Donald Trump because he will insult them and humiliate them into submission. They could not handle his childish taunts. They shrank from his barbs and slights, delivered largely on Twitter, the social media platform that has now evicted him permanently. Trump took advantage of their cowardice. He was like the big bully on the playground at school who intimidated smaller and weaker kids, then boasted about his easy conquests.

This article was originally published at Salon

But no one should be afraid of Donald Trump now. After all, he is the biggest loser in U.S. political history. Indeed, he has relinquished the right to be feared.

Trump's record distinguishes him as the worst president ever. He has lost the popular vote in two national elections. He has been impeached twice, with conviction still possible in the second case. He has been an accomplice to the mass murder of over 400,000 Americans and counting due to the coronavirus. He has caused a massive economic crash. He has incited an insurrection against the government of the United States. He played a corrupt game of footsie with the president of Ukraine ,and has been oddly but consistently subservient to the president of Russia. He has grifted the American people out of millions of dollars. He has pardoned associates and acquaintances who could implicate him in crimes. He has been incompetent, indifferent, lazy and vindictive. To top it all off, he has rushed to execute 13 people before his term is up — the most by any president in 120 years.

Trump intimidates via bullying, name-calling, threats and loud exclamations of bravado. His sense of grandiosity and superiority is enhanced when he is successful at embarrassing and humiliating others. To be sure, intimidation is his modus operandi. He rose to the top of the national political ladder through his use of intimidation. It is his only "skill."

But he is a total coward. He hides behind his lawyers and lets them do his "dirty work." He cannot fire people in person. He sent a bodyguard to deliver his letter of dismissal to former FBI Director James Comey's empty office. His specialty is to incite others to action and then deny any responsibility for their behavior. Ask Michael Cohen. Ask Rudy Giuliani. Ask the thousands of attackers at the Capitol. Trump did not have the guts to march with them to the Capitol — but he had no trouble sending them off into battle for his sole benefit.

Trump's political life has been based on lies and propaganda. His most egregious lie is that the election was rigged and stolen from him. It has been dubbed the "Big Lie." The truth is that the election was the most open and transparent in history. Joe Biden won fair and square. Trump lost by 7 million votes. He has lost more than 60 lawsuits in contesting the results. His lie about the election led to his seditious rhetoric and to his incitement of the insurrectionists.

Let us be clear: Trump actively tried to undermine and overthrow our democracy. He was fomenting a coup. He has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not love our democracy and does not love our country. He is addicted to power, adulation, grift and corruption — and would rather overturn democracy than give up his addictions.

Trump must be finished as a political figure. It may take some time, but his political clout will wane gradually but assuredly into oblivion. He will try to hold onto his supporters by promulgating his conspiracy theories and his victimhood, but both will be disproven as we return to a world of observable facts and truth.

His gravitas is evaporating. He has become a pathetic and tragic joke. All the major leaders in the world are ecstatic at his upcoming exit from the scene — except perhaps Vladimir Putin, who has enjoyed having Trump in his back pocket.

Trump is already kryptonite. Social media platforms have banned him. Banks will not lend him money. Lawyers are hesitant to defend him against impeachment. Corporations have paused their financial contributions. Even the PGA has yanked its 2022 championship from his New Jersey golf course. His standing will continue to drop as he is further ostracized and purged from American public life.

Trump must be punished for all his federal and state crimes. His supporters need to understand the depth of his criminality. He is a bad actor who will soon face the consequences of his malfeasance. Nothing can erase power and adulation faster than prison. But not even prison can reverse the abuse and trauma inflicted by Trump upon the American people.

His reign of corruption and incitement of insurrection was fueled by his belief that he would not be punished for it, that he could break laws with impunity. This is exactly why his prosecution is required. He must face swift and firm consequences so that others will understand the reality — that Trump's corruption is a part of his DNA. He has been compromised all his adult life. Until now, his corruption was confined to the state of New York and the Trump Organization. In 2016, thanks to his flukish election victory, he started sharing his criminality with the entire country.

Trump has been living in his alternate universe of lies, conspiracy theories and magical thinking for so long that he is unable to face reality. But his alternate universe is crumbling. And Americans are becoming acquainted once again with facts, science and truth. In 2016, Trump told the Republican National Convention and a national television audience, "Only I can fix it." But he could not fix our country because he exacerbated and capitalized on our grievances for his own personal and political gain. That is the playbook of an authoritarian.

There is encouraging news, however. In recent polling, nine out of 10 Americans frown upon the insurrection on Jan. 6. Seven out of 10 Americans say Trump bears some responsibility for the violence. Fifty-six percent are in favor of Trump being banned from future elected office. His approval rating now stands at 29%.

Right-wing extremism was present long before Trump. Cultural and economic resentments have been brewing for years. Trump has seized upon these resentments and made them more mainstream through his radicalization of his supporters. Hopefully, right-wing extremism will recede as Trump's voice is silenced. Citizens who engage in political violence must be rooted out. Trump's unforgiving act of insurrection has shown his true stripes as an authoritarian who does not give a damn about anyone other than himself. Authoritarianism is antithetical to our representative democracy — and must be stamped out at every opportunity. And Trump has given us opportunities.

No one should be afraid of Donald Trump now. He is defeated, disgraced and repudiated. This is the trifecta of the biggest loser in U.S. political history.

This is our chance to show we have finally conquered our fear of that bully on the playground at school.

Experts: Trump is not mentally fit to be president: He should not remain in office — even for one final week

There are two — not just one — compelling reasons for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump. First, he incited the insurrection of our federal government by a violent mob of domestic terrorists. Five people died. Make no mistake, it was a coup attempt. Second, he has killed 372,000 Americans with his unimaginable and unexplainable inaction during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump is not fit to remain as president for his final week. He has proven to be unstable, erratic, cruel and dangerous. He is incapable of ensuring the safety of the people. He should not have access to our vast military arsenal and nuclear codes for another day.

He has crossed the red line — twice.

Trump not only participated in the insurrection of our federal government on Jan. 6 but also likely was the catalyst that sent the aggressive raid in motion. It is a day that will be remembered forever, because our sitting president was a direct accomplice in the violent insurrection against our cherished democracy. As Dr. David Reiss said in a tweet, "We were one Molotov cocktail or automatic weapon away from losing our government — a true coup."

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Trump did not have the courage to swarm the Capitol alongside his terrorist supporters. He had announced earlier in the day that he would accompany them in their march. But his previously exposed cowardice took over, and he decided to party and celebrate with family members at the White House while watching the escalating mob on TV. There are reports that he was "delighted" at what he was seeing.

Trump used conspiracy theories about the stolen election to maintain his cult-leader status with his followers. His irrational, self-serving theories were supported by these followers, right-wing extremists and some congressional Republicans. The end result was the belief that they themselves should "select" the next president and that Trump was going to take them to the promised land of contentment and happiness.

Trump's conspiracy theories are fake. His motive is megalomania and greed. His shared omnipotence with his followers borders on the delusional. Trump's unrelenting desire to hang onto power at any cost is what motivated his incitement of the insurrection. It was totally about him — his power, his adulation, his greed and his fear.

Trump's most egregious cruelty during his presidency has been his murder of more than 372,000 Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. Think about it: Trump has been the most powerful man in the greatest democracy in the world, but he could not figure out how to contain and defeat this pandemic? Worse than that, we have lagged behind every advanced country in the world in our handling of the deadly disease. It is as if our president has intentionally maximized the pain and suffering of the people.

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More than just frank incompetence, Trump's inaction during the pandemic has been callous indifference coupled with pure cruelty. We have been grappling with mass deaths due to a virulent disease that could have been largely prevented by a competent and healthy president. Every move Trump has made — or has not made — has increased the number of deaths rather than reduced them. It is an undeniable fact that he is an accomplice to mass murder.

Since March of last year, Trump's approach to the pandemic has included denials, lies, conspiracy theories, magical thinking, blaming and inaction. He refused to use the full force of his office to defeat the virus. He did not mount a national response that would have aided and abetted the 50 states. Rather, he sat back and implored the states to handle things with little help from the federal government.

Now, he has washed his hands completely of the pandemic. He does not mention it in prepared or impromptu comments. He has not expressed remorse for our fallen citizens in months. Even then, his comments were read from a teleprompter in an unemotional and monotone way. It is hard to fathom, but Trump has overseen the second worst mass murder in history.

In both the insurrection and the pandemic, Trump betrayed the American people. He has disavowed his oath of office and his Constitutional duties. And he is capable of much more destruction and misery in his remaining final days. Could he give away state secrets or start a war? Might he encourage another insurrection of mob violence? How many citizens will die in the next week due to his pandemic inaction?

Trump must face three choices: resignation, removal by the 25th Amendment or a second impeachment.

Resignation would be the easiest, and he might be able to convince Vice President Mike Pence to pardon him. Removal by the 25th Amendment would also be swift, but it would require Pence to initiate the process. (As of this writing, it appears that Pence is unwilling to do so.) The most cumbersome choice would be impeachment: It would take weeks for the Senate to hold a trial and to convict him, but impeachment by the House would be an additional permanent stain on his already destroyed legacy.

Trump must be banned for life from any governmental or political activity. This is the only way to assure his marginalization and ostracization. Our democracy's recovery and future well-being requires that he be totally disempowered.

Trump has now been permanently banned from Twitter and other social platforms. This is a major first step in limiting his spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories and self-serving bravado. But it is not enough.

The Senate chose not to convict Trump during his first impeachment trial in February 2020. That mistake has cost us untold human misery and life. Let us not make that same error again.

Immediate removal of this president would be a fitting tribute to the tens of thousands of Americans who have lost their lives in the name of the fight for democracy.

Anything short of removal would give the wrong message. Our elected officials must abide by the Constitution and the rule of law — even if Trump has not.

Donald Trump will be a destructive force to his final hour -- but here's how we start to undo the damage right now

His diagnosis is clear. The remedies for his pernicious impact on America are clear as well.

In just over a month from now, Donald Trump — a malignant narcissist — will be removed from office by the will of the people and by the Constitution. Until then, his seditious, conspiratorial and corrupt influence will be front and center. He continues to promulgate the false narrative that victory in the election was snatched away from him by widespread voter fraud. He keeps filing baseless and frivolous lawsuits, even as high as the U.S. Supreme Court. He is ginning up his supporters, and at least 126 congressional Republicans have publicly supported him, out of a combination of misguided loyalty, opportunism and fear. Joe Biden will be our next president, but it is undeniable that Trump will exert a dangerous and destructive presence to his final day in office, and beyond.

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Trump is angry, embarrassed and humiliated -- and determined to unleash a nightmare on America: mental health experts

Donald Trump has 41 days to go before his presidency is over. Instead of assisting with the peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden, he has chosen to spend his final days exhibiting his psychiatric disorder. His rhetoric and his behavior are manifestations of his pathology. He shows every day that he has no self-control, no insight and no capacity to function effectively at his job.

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Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled toddler — America must give him a permanent timeout: Mental health experts

Jan. 20 cannot get here fast enough. Donald Trump is running wild with his disingenuous and false proclamations of a rigged election, rampant voter fraud and a stolen victory. Unbelievably, he is now claiming that the FBI and Department of Justice contributed to his fantastical claims of voter fraud. We have 50 days to go to survive this madman's deceitful and harmful rhetoric.

Let us be clear: Joe Biden won the election fair and square in what has arguably been the most scrutinized election in recent U.S. history. Trump has filed baseless and frivolous lawsuits and not a shred of evidence of massive voter fraud has been offered. In fact, his attorneys, with their bar licenses on the line, have repeatedly stated on the record, "This is not a fraud case." Yet Trump persists with his attention-seeking rants and raves.

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EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump official warns of 'coward' president's corruption and how the GOP will help him 'cheat' on Election Day

This Election Day has the potential to be epic. The repudiation of Donald Trump will bring unprecedented challenges to the results. Undoubtedly, Trump’s response to defeat will be dramatic and unsettling and anti-democratic. We all need to be prepared with a heightened sense of anticipation and watchfulness.

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Experts: 'Destructive' Donald Trump is getting desperate — and his psyche is unraveling right before our very eyes

Despite the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus at the White House, Donald Trump still insists that "it's going to disappear." To make matters worse, he proclaims, "We have a cure." We have lost 220,000 Americans to a deadly pandemic. And what does he say? "I'm immune. So the president is in very good shape to fight the battles." He continues to promulgate lies and misinformation about the pandemic.

At his rally in Florida in front of 7,000 supporters, Trump announced, "I feel so powerful. I'll walk into that audience, I'll walk in there, kiss everyone in that audience. I'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, just give you a big fat kiss." This is hypomanic hypersexuality from our president.

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New Trump revelations have made the destructive consequences of his malignant narcissism disturbingly clear

Bob Woodward’s new book, “Rage,” reveals that Donald Trump has been purposefully lying to the American people about the coronavirus pandemic. Trump admits he knew that COVID was “deadly stuff” but he did not want the public “to panic.” Instead, he fiercely denied the severity of the pandemic by acting as a “cheerleader” for the country. Sadly, William Haseltine, PhD, a world-renowned scientist, told CNN that we could have saved as many as 180,000 lives had Trump not lied to the public and had developed a proactive national strategy.

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