Chaos, shared irrationality and fear: Experts explain why supporters are still clinging to Trump -- despite his many failures

A looming question in today's political climate is:  Why do Donald Trump's devotees continue to support him despite the carnage of his well-documented failures?  Although we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic that is surging and not contained, Trump seems to maintain a base support of 35% to 40%.  What are the psychological factors that influence or underpin his supporters' attraction to him? And might this provide some perspective on how to change these supporters' minds?

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Mental health professionals issue dire warning: Would-be dictator Donald Trump would be unstoppable in a second term

Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist with antisocial proclivities and a core sadism. It is this combination of psychopathology that leads him to be intensely attracted to the powers of a dictator. Indeed, Trump has proven repeatedly that he wants America to be an autocracy, not a democracy. He has systemically and purposefully guided our country toward dictatorial rule during the past four years. He has frequently embraced, admired, complimented, envied and even fawned over autocratic leaders throughout the world.

Donald Trump in a second term would be unstoppable. And America might be changed forever.

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