How feminism became a great way to sell stuff

It happens to Guardian readers, too: feminist fatigue™ – a debilitating condition that starts with mild exhaustion in the face of recurring debates about reproductive rights and discrimination and escalates to a crippling inability to decide whether the length of your pubic hair is reactionary or revolutionary. But don't worry, ladies, help is at hand … albeit from unusual sources.

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Why digital privacy is only for the rich

OKCupid knows how likely you are to put out on the first date, the NSA knows you eat a lot of quinoa, and all 962 of your Facebook friends have caught a glimpse of you in an ill-advised bikini. In a digital world where oversharing is caring and brands know more about you than your parents do, privacy is fast becoming the defining issue of our time. Despite constant proclamations surrounding the death of privacy, reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. Privacy isn't dead, but it's getting very expensive.

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If Facebook is an infectious disease, here's a guide to the symptoms

The Ancient Greeks had the Plague of Athens, the Tudors had English sweating sickness, and the black death has popped up at regular intervals throughout history. Now it seems we are experiencing the demise of what some medical professionals have identified as a social sickness that has ravaged great swaths of society over the last decade.

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