Ted Nugent: American Traitor, Misogynist & Romney surrogate

I've written about Ted Nugent before ("Ted Nugent: This is what happens when an idiot-clown gets the megaphone") partly because he's from Michigan and used to live near my hometown of Jackson.

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Allen Park, Michigan traffic sign hacked to say "Trayvon a N****R"

The Detroit News is reporting that an as-yet unidentified person hacked into a traffic sign in Allen Park, Michigan and reprogrammed it to say "TRAYVON A NIGGER".

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Mitt Romney gets a public spanking by Obama's foreign policy advisors

It's not rare these days to hear Mitt Romney lying his ass off about President Obama and all the things President Romney would do to make things better. However, it IS rare to see as thorough and effective a response as the one from President Obama's foreign policy team this week in Foreign Policy magazine.

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