Today’s conservatives are terrified of 'socialism' — but it wasn’t always that way

This may seem hard to believe today, but there were once such things as "enlightened conservatives," to borrow a term used by the Yale scholar Immanuel Wallerstein. From Otto von Bismarck to Dwight Eisenhower, these enlightened conservatives were more pragmatic than dogmatic, and more reformist than reactionary. Concerned primarily with maintaining social order and preserving the status quo, they were open to social reform for the simple reason that they saw it as a way of preventing radical movements from gaining traction.

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Does the Trump administration want a holy war against Islam? It's a terrifying but reasonable guess

After multiple delays, President Donald Trump finally signed a new executive order last Monday that reinstated a travel ban on citizens from six of the seven countries (Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen) included in the previous order, which had been suspended after being struck down by the judiciary last month. The new ban arrived…

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Donald Trump's glorious victory for anti-intellectualism: 'Drain the Swwamp' just meant the eggheads

When WikiLeaks published an email last October revealing different passages from the notorious paid speeches that Hillary Clinton gave to various Wall Street firms between 2013 and 2014 - including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley - Donald Trump and his supporters were quick to use the transcripts as evidence that Clinton was thoroughly corrupt…

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