What 'Bea Arthur Naked' says about your deep-seated Freudian longings

Apparently, a painting of a topless Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (famed for her roles in American television's The Golden Girls, Maude, and the major female supporting role in Broadway and filmdom's musical Mame) has been sold at Christie's at an auction in NYC for almost two million dollars.

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An affectionate tribute to Roger Ebert's more negative reviews

Having just seen The Vampire Starfighter in IGOG 3D, the most recent and desperate attempt at directorial survival by Queequeg L. M. K-I-S-S-I-N-G Shamarintino-Nolan… I hardly know what to write about it. This gem came in at a whopping three and half billion -- that's with a "b" -- dollars. For the very first time I'm almost at a loss for words as regards what a repugnant experience seeing a film, this film, truly was.

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The 2nd Presidential Debate: Obama and Romney Cut a Very Red Rug

The two Presidential candidates danced around in front of an audience this Tuesday last on an extremely red carpet at New York's Hofstra University. In High Definition television that carpet really wasn't too easy on the eyeballs, now, was it?

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The Biden-Ryan debate: Tarzan and Pinocchio meet the Blue Fairy

We've now thrilled to the thrilling showdown between Joe Biden (or Tarzan: virile, sincere, not-exactly-a-spoken-wordmeister, long-haircut-in-the-back) and Paul Ryan (or Pinocchio: no need explaining this now oft-used reference, is there?)...

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This Isn't the '90s: Why Obama Won Last Night's Debate

Could we take exception to this blanket disparaging of President Obama's debate performance last night? The very fact that some people thought a very calm Obama "lost" is exactly why I'm for him, in my heart, more than I was  a week or so ago.

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Can you beat him?

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Mad Men Season Five's recent twists

For those of you who don't follow Mad Men : don't trouble reading. We make no apologies for writing about a mere television series, here - this one bears writing about every bit as much as any other in production - or, probably, any current cinematic release.

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Bollywood 'Sound of Music'

From the top box office hit of India in 1999, entitled Biwi No. 1:

My Script for GOOGIE GOGGLES Advertisement (rejected)

Note: This entire ad is from the actual POV (that's "Point of View") of the protagonist! Neat idea, huh? We see the actual point of view of the person wearing the GOOGIE GOGGLES, see? That's how we demonstrate all the great programs and "apps" of our new GOOGIE GOGGLES! Just as if the viewer of the ad were actually seeing through them, too!!

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Sylvers 'Hotline'

And we have a strong feeling that Rachel would love this video just as much as we do.

Emi and Yumi

Westerners will know the principal singers of this clip from a Japanese television variety program as the very tiny magical and telepathic twin beings called "Shobijin" in 1964's Mothra vs. Godzilla. And the original Mothra from 1961, of course. As well as Ghidora, The Three Headed Monster , or 大怪獣 地球最大の決戦, lit. "Three Giant Monsters: Earth's Greatest Battle" also from 1964.

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9 reasons why you should wish to sneak your own mayonnaise jar (with knife enclosed) onto a jet airliner

As Raw Story noted earlier this week, an unidentified man tried to sneak a jar of mayo --and a knife-- onto a flight bound for Mexico City.

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Glenn Gould discusses his chair

A staged clip wherein Glenn obviously feels some need to comment in formal terms upon the simple matter of the unusual --and low-- folding chair that he always used whilst playing.

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Rundgren on love

Todd Rundgren is one of the more famous American producer/engineers from the golden era of rock and worked in that capacity on a lot of great recordings by a wide variety of acts (like The Psychedelic Furs' "Love My Way") .

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Damning with faint praise

The right-wing blogger of note, Andrew Brietbart, I thought I'd heard, has apparently written from the Beyond this recent week to make comment that The Raw Story, our hospitable host site, is a "left-wing fever swamp."

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