Why William S. Burroughs would have loved XSS

The beat generation author was way ahead of the virus game as it’s revealed that cross-site scripting, or XSS, makes Kindles vulnerable to hackers

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Texts, tweets and Tumblr blogs: Meet the 'alt lit' writers bringing poetry to a new audience

Steve Roggenbuck published his first YouTube video (that I know about) in 2010: close-ups of a chapbook of short poems set to a jarring yet beautiful electronic soundtrack. It was followed by hundreds more: often shouty, urgent diatribes with titles such as "make something beautiful before you are dead" and "I think the moon is Awesome", recorded in fields and friends' bathrooms on constant tours. You can also watch him read the entirety of "i love you, before long I die: a walt whitman mixtape", an hour and 15 minutes of his favourite bits of Walt Whitman, cut up and remixed and published in a print. He has published ebooks and print books, and commits to releasing everything online, and for free, alongside paying publications.

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How to read digitally – at 600 words a minute

You don't even have to move your eyes with the latest speed-reading apps

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