Netflix CEO on company's success: Unlike networks, we 'give great storytellers big canvases’

In a bare room called The Crown in a nondescript office in central London, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos, otherwise known as the man who brought us Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards, explains how his on-demand internet streaming service will be “practically global by 2016”.

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The virtues of Vice: How this one-time punk magazine was transformed into media giant

It’s a hit with the millennial generation and predicts revenue of $1bn this year, so what can a young company teach its rivals?

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Researchers: 41 percent of women say a partner has spied on them online

Around 40 percent of women say current or former partners have monitored their online activity, but just 30% regard it as stalking

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The feminist principles behind International Men's Day

Men already dominate political and corporate hierachies, but feminism, currently healthier than ever, is doing solid work to support fathers who choose to stay at home with their children.

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Popularity of 'Hunger Games' inspires pink bow and arrow toy for girls

But why must so many toys for girls – even those that encourage outside play – be marketed as something pretty?

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Irish president: World leaders backsliding on women's rights

Women's rights are under the greatest attack for almost 20 years after a failure of world leaders to continue to support reproductive rights, according to Mary Robinson, the first female president of Ireland.

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