The Flint water crisis is a perfect example of environmental racism

Environmental racism is often an afterthought, even for those who want to fix our race-based ills and protect black and brown lives. Now, the water crisis gripping Flint, Michigan is shining a bright light on how structural racism is found in our environmental resources and is costing people their lives across the nation.

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Can black police be pro-black and pro-blue at the same time?

In the emotional debate about police brutality, misconduct and the perceived targeting and victimization of African Americans, many of us not only identify with the frustration of black citizens in Ferguson, Cleveland, Chicago and Baltimore, but have our own experiences of racial profiling by law enforcement. The majority-white law enforcement community often counters those anecdotes by claiming that they have to make snap judgments about the level of force necessary to get a suspect to comply and to keep themselves, and others, safe. And, in the middle, stands black cops and their families, often either branded Uncle Toms by their families, friends and neighbors or traitors to their profession if they approach any discord between cops and African Americans with objectivity. Three of the six Baltimore City Police Department officers, for instance, charged in Freddie Gray’s death are African American.

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