The right-wing politics of the 'Singularity' -- the sort of church only an engineer could invent

Silicon Valley is not a place known for its religiosity, yet a remarkable number of tech leaders and workers have an irrational belief in the Singularity. For those of you not mainlining Reddit, here's the gist of the argument: The "Singularity" is a term for a theoretical event predicted by several mildly famous technologists. In their telling, advancement of computer technology will ultimately lead to a self-improving artificial intelligence. The first self-aware AI will bootstrap itself at such an incredible rate that eventually it will outstrip our capacities to help it—much less understand it. At that point, all bets are off. We will have passed into the area of the Singularity. The resulting super-intelligence will handle all our trifling annoyances: scarcity, morality, internet debates. The lucky among us may even become one with this infinite silicon brain.In essence, the Singularity is the sort of church only an engineer could invent. In a previous article, I discussed the improbability of artificial intelligence. The Singularity is for people who think AI is boring social realism.

The problem of proof

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