WATCH COVERAGE: Puerto Rico braces for direct hit from Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria has battered the US Virgin Islands as the "monster" storm bears down on Puerto Rico, bringing "catastrophic" 160mph winds and dangerous storm surges.

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REVEALED: Cop who bullied Utah nurse has history of 'unwanted physical contact' with female officer

The cop who arrested Utah nurse Alex Wubbels after she refused to follow his orders and draw a blood sample from an unconscious man has also sexually harassed another police department employee, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

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WATCH LIVE: Hurricane Irma pummels southern Florida with 130-mph winds leaving 4 dead

Hurricane Irma has now made landfall on Florida, slamming into Key West, bringing sustained winds of 130mph, as well as rain and threats of tornadoes. The storm has already claimed the lives of four people.

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'A cry from the white nationalist gut': Clinton had an 'out of body experience' listening to Trump's inauguration speech

Hillary Clinton had "an out-of-body experience" at President Donald Trump's inauguration -- and believes that his speech was a "cry from the white nationalist gut."

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Trump retweets Irma updates from his sons as storm approaches Florida mainland

President Trump was up early Sunday retweeted updates on Hurricane Irma -- two from his sons -- as the deadly storm approached the Florida mainland.

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'We are all ill -- our hearts are broken': Liberal family weeps as loving member turns into hatemonger and rising star of the alt-right

Michael Enoch Peinovich, whose white nationalist podcast pulls in over 100,000 listeners eager to hear his anti-Semitic, racist rants, has broken his loved one's hearts -- and left the liberal family to ponder how he transformed into a hatemonger and rising star of the alt-right.

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WATCH LIVE: Follow Hurricane Irma’s path

Hurricane Irma is heading towards Miami after devastating small Caribbean islands in the Atlantic. The storm hit Barbuda, St. Martin, Anguilla, and part of the Virgin Islands with winds at 185 mph — far above the 157 mph Category 5 threshold. The eye of the storm is expected to pass just north of Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon or evening. Many people and businesses in the area have live streams that you can follow to see the storm as it hits the area.

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WATCH: Cop slams woman with child in her arms to the sidewalk -- over a parking ticket

A shocking video has emerged showing a police officer getting into a heated argument with a woman, before slamming her and a toddler she was holding to the sidewalk.

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REVEALED: Blubbering white supremacist Chris Cantwell attempted a stand-up comedy career — and failed miserably

Before he was a hateful racist, Chris Cantwell was an unfunny, wannabe “libertarian comedian.”

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Soldiers reassigned after bringing women to Panama hotel during Mike Pence detail

The U.S. Army detail assigned to Vice President Mike Pence’s communications team was caught on video bringing women back to their hotel in Panama, according to NBC News.

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WATCH LIVE: CNN Town Hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Jake Tapper

House Speaker Paul Ryan takes questions following President Donald Trump's speech on the US' next move in Afghanistan, alongside CNN host Jake Tapper.

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WATCH LIVE: Boston braces for far-right demonstrators and counter-protesters

Only a week after violent protests rocked Charlottesville, Va., the city of Boston are bracing for “free speech” rally with right-wing speakers expected to be met by a massive counter-protest on the city’s historic Common.

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