Exclusive: FBI probed Harvey Milk, George Moscone prior to their murders

Federal agents were investigating the late San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and the late mayor of San Francisco George Moscone for alleged political corruption when both men were murdered in November 1978, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation files.

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Experts fear U.S. plan to triple aid to Pakistan could backfire

WASHINGTON -- Experts on Pakistan doubt that a U.S. plan to triple aid to the country will help domestic conditions, and are extremely concerned the money could be spent on unauthorized pursuits like strengthening defenses against India---perhaps even winding up in the hands of American enemies--rather than helping the U.S. win the war on terror.

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Fox host appearing at rallies opposing healthcare reform

fox news

A Fox News host is scheduled to make several appearances next week at events and forums where he will "discuss the dangers of government-forced health care," alongside the head of the anti-tax and anti-health care reform group Americans for Prosperity.

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'Patriots' can try to capture Obama in new online game

Obama coup

If your idea of fun is trying to save America from the ills of President Obama and "pro-Obama forces," then there's a new computer game for you.

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Retired General calls Cheney 'incompetent war fighter'

A retired General who served more than 30 years in the U.S. Army and helped train Iraq's military between 2003 and 2004 called former Vice President Dick Cheney an "incompetent war fighter."

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Bands 'rage against the machine' for torture info

At least two rock stars whose songs have been reportedly used to torture Guantanamo Bay detainees are demanding the federal government release details of the use of music by the U.S. government during interrogations of prisoners.

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GOP candidate's campaign calls cops on conservative publication's reporter

Staffers working for a Republican vying for a New York Congressional seat called the police to a parking lot where a reporter for the conservative publication The Weekly Standard had been trying to get her to answer questions about her support for union card-check legislation and various health care reform proposals.

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S.C. GOP chair won't ask leaders to resign after penny-pinching 'Jew' comments

The head of South Carolina's Republican Party will not ask two county GOP leaders to resign after authoring a newspaper editorial that praises Sen. Jim DeMint for being like a "Jew" who is "watching our nation's pennies."

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U.S. Army had no mandatory policies for handling suicidal soldiers in Iraq

U.S. Army commanders in Iraq had an advisory suicide prevention plan, but no mandatory steps to follow when dealing with at-risk soldiers like the one accused of killing five troops at a military mental health clinic last May, according to a review of military procedures.

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Bloomberg dodges questions about campaign stoking racial fears

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dodged questions Monday about whether comments from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani made at weekend campaign events on his behalf were intended to ignite racial controversy.

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Is Obama trying to 'neuter' Chamber of Commerce?

The White House is distancing itself from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, meeting directly with CEOs of major American companies, more often than with the lobbying group that has long-represented business interests, several media reports said Monday.

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British court orders release of U.S. intelligence details on torture allegations

A British court ruled Friday that the country should release U.S. intelligence information on the alleged torture of a man held in several overseas prisons, despite concerns it could harm intelligence-sharing with the United States.

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Giant bug intrudes on Howard Dean MSNBC interview

Giant bugFormer Democratic National Committee Chairman and one-time presidential hopeful Howard Dean was upstaged by what appears to be a huge bug crawling across the screen during an interview on MSNBC's Dr. Nancy show.

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Balloon boy family posted video of fake terror attack on US capitol

The family of the six-year-old boy who was allegedly trapped in a runaway hot air balloon Thursday has previously posted videos on YouTube that depict a fake terror attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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Palin says 'Yes we can' to 'drill, baby, drill' in National Review

One-time Alaska Gov. and GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin argues in a National Review column Friday that environmentalists are working against their own interests by blocking domestic drilling, which forces the U.S. to import oil from countries with no environmental-protection laws.

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