Here's how Trump's sexism is destroying women's lives

Trump is a wrecking ball of male ego, who has rolled over women from his Manhattan playboy days to the presidency. Now in the Oval Office, his sexism is magnified by his need for the Religious Right as a base. He has weakened equal pay laws, restated the Gag Rule and lined up a Supreme Court nominee who wants to reverse Roe vs. Wade. The man is waging a war on women.

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Women will put an end to the Trump nightmare -- here's why

They’re coming for him. After a life of exploiting and groping women, cheating his wives and even raping one; President Donald Trump will be brought down by women. A Fourth Wave Feminism looms over him. It grows like a giant city shattering, tsunami from a disaster film that is speeding toward his fragile presidency.

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Trump shamed with Father's Day protest for tearing apart immigrant families

If I get arrested, will they take my baby? I looked at the cops guarding Trump Tower, lifted my sign that read, “Imagine Your Child Being Ripped from Your Arms” and marched in front of its doors. Tourists stared. A red-faced man, rushed at me.

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