Tulsa: Two racist white mobs -- 1921 and 2020

Historians will look back at Donald Trump’s campaign rally on Saturday as the second major racist white mob in a century to wreak death and havoc in Tulsa.

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The Anti-Semite-in-Chief: Trump’s obsession with Jews is about two things

It is always difficult to know what is in someone’s heart and mind. This is particularly true of Donald Trump, whose insecurity, narcissism, megalomania, recklessness, impulsiveness, pathological lying, and cruelty is unprecedented among American presidents.    Does Donald Trump hate Jews?  That’s an impossible question to answer -– and in some ways irrelevant.  What’s clear is that Trump has consistently expressed anti-Semitic stereotypes throughout his adult life. When expressed by the President of the United States, they have dangerous consequences, including stoking the upsurge of white supremacist and anti-Semitic hate groups and individuals who engage in violence and terrorism.

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