One-third of fish caught in English Channel have plastic contamination

Fish were found to contain small pieces of plastic known as 'microbeads', in a study of 10 species

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Almost half of the world's food thrown away, report finds

Figures from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers show as much as 2bn tonnes of food never makes it on to a plate

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Oxfam: Climate change's impact on future food prices is underestimated

Climate change's impact on future food prices is being underestimated, Oxfam warned in a report on Wednesday.

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UK consumers keeping food past 'sell by' date to save money on food

Consumers trying to save money are gambling with their health and risking food poisoning by ignoring use-by dates on food, according to research published by the government's food watchdog.

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UK beaches blighted by balloons and discarded bags of dog poo

Dog poo wrapped in plastic bags discarded by careless owners has emerged as one of the biggest single threats to the health and safety of beach visitors, a marine conservation charity has warned.

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