Trump says Jared Kushner looks like 'little boy' on TV, wants him out of White House

According to a new book about the Trump White House, Donald openly mocked Jared Kushner in front of White House staffers after his first TV appearance and said that Kushner looked like a "little boy" and a frightened child. ... ” and a frightened child. He also allegedly said that it was a mistake to bring Jared and Ivanka to DC with him, something most Americans would probably agree with. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses ...

Jared Kushner is now involved in 3 separate investigations for alleged illegal activity

Jared Kushner, a White House adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, is now officially under investigation by three separate entities for completely separate matters. The latest investigation involves the false paperwork that Kushner filed with the city of New York so that he could kick rent-regulated tenants out of his apartments and skirt regulations on renovations to the buildings.

Republican senator finally admits why his party won’t stand up to Trump

Republican Senator Bob Corker accidentally admitted why members of his Party refuse to stand up to Donald Trump this week, when he said that conservative voters (the most hardcore and extreme ones) only want to see loyalty to Trump. This means that the entire country has to suffer as a result of Republicans pandering to the…

Qatar officials trying to shield Jared Kushner from Mueller probe

Officials from Qatar in the United Arab Emirates are refusing to hand over information that they have gathered on Jared Kushner and other Trump associates about secret meetings that took place ...

Jared Kushner’s companies have been subpoenaed by the IRS

According to a new report in Bloomberg, the companies owned by Jared Kushner and his family have been subpoenaed by the IRS for information regarding their lenders and investments. While details about the investigation are relatively scarce, one thing that is known is that this has nothing to do with the special prosecutor’s investigation into the Trump administration, so Kushner now has a whole new world of problems to deal with.

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Donald Trump has no conscience -- he only sees profits

Immediately following Donald Trump's missile strike in Syria, the media, political analysts, pundits, they began telling us that Trump was so moved by those images that he saw on TV of the chemical attack in Syria that he just decided that he had to act. Well, this is a lie. Donald Trump has not suddenly developed…

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Jane Fonda pulls her money out of Wells Fargo to support NoDAPL

Just days before the holidays, Jane Fonda joined a political movement in support of the NoDAPL protests by heading to Wells Fargo to close her account. On December 21, the actress, writer, and activist celebrated her 79th birthday by supporting Standing Rock and joined a large protest, the destination of which was a local Wells Fargo…

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