Tim Robbins: 'I know Republicans who love their children and are not evil'

He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but these days you’re more likely to find Tim Robbins on stage. He talks about shouting at Fox News, punk Shakespeare and finding common cause with Clint Eastwood

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Author Annie Proulx regrets writing 'Brokeback Mountain'

Authors have to accept that a published book takes on a life of its own, even if it means being sent alternative endings by readers

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Is trigger-happy comedy Let's Be Cops the worst-timed movie ever?

The new comedy Let's Be Cops, in which two dunces exploit the power that comes from wearing police uniforms, includes numerous uncomfortable moments: the bit when one of the heroes does a comedy Asian-American accent, say, or when his girlfriend assumes he is gay because his wrist is limp. When he humiliates a group of suspected criminals by making them perform pelvic thrusts, it's all a shade too Abu Ghraib for comfort. But it's no fault of the film-makers that their movie is opening at a time when the reflex response to the words Let's Be Cops is: "Let's not."

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