As temperatures drop, airports crack down on homeless seeking shelter from the cold

They’re warm. Safe. Open 24 hours. Accessible by public transportation. Uncrowded at night. And don’t have limits on carrying your possessions with you.

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Pot-laced candy? The truth behind the bogus Halloween marijuana scare story

One year ago around this time, Colorado was awash with warnings about a new mortal danger facing children: pot-laced Halloween candy.

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Colorado's marijuana tax revenues nearly double last year's figures

Legal marijuana tax revenues have been breaking records in Colorado this summer, nearly doubling monthly numbers from last year and on pace to exceed projections of legal sales that bring revenue back to the state.

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Birthright citizenship: A history of futile conservative attempts to repeal law

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump caused his weekly public stir when he released his first policy paper on immigration. In addition to its proposal to build a massive wall along the southern border and somehow making Mexico foot the bill, it also called for an end automatic citizenship for anyone born on US soil, otherwise known as birthright citizenship.

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Scott Walker and Marco Rubio take GOP presidential contest to historic extremes on abortion

Donald Trump has been the center of attention since the first Republican presidential debate last week. But perhaps the most significant policy moment in the debates came when two other GOP frontrunners, Florida senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, announced their opposition to abortion without any exceptions.

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