Without Scalia, America's political landscape is being transformed

Today, the supreme court issued an opinion with a single sentence: “the judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court”. In this case, however, “short” doesn’t mean “unimportant”. The ruling has the effect of thwarting a major judicial attack on public sector unions, and also shows how the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia is already beginning to transform the American legal and political landscape.

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Americans don't need single payer health care to get universal coverage

Bernie Sanders, like a lot of progressives, conflates European-style health care with the UK system. But either his plan or Clinton’s can bring about real reform

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The US Supreme Court could make abortion the deciding factor in 2016

Late next June, when each party will almost certainly have its presidential nominee in place and voters other than party stalwarts start paying real attention to the 2016 race, the US supreme court will likely hand down a ruling that will change the course of the race and many American women’s lives. That is because, on 13 November, the court announced that it will hear Whole Women’s Health v Cole, a challenge to HB2, Texas’s draconian anti-abortion statute.

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Anti-abortion hysteria -- the new norm for Republican presidential candidates

Formerly fringe views seeking to upend Roe v Wade are now mainstream talking points for prominent conservative politicians

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