Blogger says ‘there’s no way’ Seymour Hersh didn’t see her 2011 bin Laden story

On August 7, 2011, national security blogger R.J. Hillhouse wrote a post that challenged the official White House version of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. She claimed that Pakistan had sheltered Bin Laden for years with funds from Saudi Arabia, that the U.S was tipped off to Bin Laden's whereabouts by a "walk in" Pakistani intelligence agent looking to cash in on a $25 million reward, and that the US planned to attribute the death of Bin Laden to a drone strike in a place many miles from where he would actually be killed. Hillhouse wrote that the cover story was abandoned after a helicopter crashed during the raid.

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Why every Deadhead in the country is trying to reach this Lower East Side unknown

On February 28, 210,000 tickets for The Grateful Dead’s final appearances ever – three shows at Soldier Field in Chicago -- sold out in a matter of minutes. Millions of Deadheads who couldn’t get their hands on tickets were left brokenhearted and scrambling to find another way into the shows.

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Happy Holidays!