Climate change skeptic Inhofe is big recipent of funds from British Petroleum PAC

One of America’s most powerful and outspoken opponents of climate change regulation received election campaign contributions that can be traced back to senior BP staff, including chief executive Bob Dudley.

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US tech firms make eleventh-hour attempt to halt tax avoidance reforms

Simon Bowers, The Guardian

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Iceland bounces back from the banking brink

A new mood of proud nationalism is emerging in economically resurgent Iceland after an out-of-control banking system sank the country into financial meltdown exactly five years ago. Riding this wave of confidence is 38-year-old prime minister, Sigmundur Davíd Gunnlaugsson, elected in April on populist promises of mortgage relief for every homeowner.

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South Sudan president fires entire cabinet amid power struggle

Collapse of Salva Kiir's government raises spectre of escalating violence during crucial oil and security talks with Sudan

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Google faces new pressure in UK over tax claims

HM Revenue and Customs is investigating fresh lines of inquiry into Google's tax affairs after interviewing a former executive at the company who gave anonymous evidence to parliament, the Guardian can disclose.

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Ernst & Young reaches deal with U.S. regulators to pay $123 million over tax avoidance scandal

E&Y's deal with a US district attorney ensures the firm will not face prosecution and brings a long-drawn tax scandal to an end

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