Panic is a reasonable and rational response to the nightmare of Trump

Since January, opening email yields at least one urgent call to action from any number of progressive groups. As a journalist who’s spent the better part of a decade reporting on the LGBT community, I’m no stranger to the motivational value of panicked predictions of impending legislative disasters. That kind of all-hands-on-deck organizing has long proven crucial to forming a unified front of resistance, and indeed worked well to build broad coalitions of opposition to blatant anti-LGBT laws like North Carolina’s House Bill 2, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and any number of ill-fated attempts to block the forward march of marriage equality.

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The shockingly twisted logic of Trump's DOJ: Wedding cakes have constitutional rights but LGBT people don't

Nine months into Donald Trump’s presidency, it should surprise no one to learn that his administration is going out of its way to restrict civil rights, rather than expand them. Nevertheless, a brief the Department of Justice filed this month in a high-profile Supreme Court case is jarring, given its wholesale adoption of the spurious arguments advanced by the anti-LGBT hate group and self-proclaimed “Christian” legal nonprofit representing the plaintiff.

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Pastor who introduced Southern Baptist resolution against the Alt-Right is shocked it wasn't a 'slam dunk'

The Texas pastor who drafted the original resolution calling on the Southern Baptist Convention to condemn white supremacy and the “alt-right” said he was “shocked” by the massive controversy his resolution sparked at the conservative denomination’s annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona this week.

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