Tortured and murdered: The tragic story of Pope Francis' Marxist feminist friend

He was in his late teens and still some years away from entering the Jesuit Order. She was in her mid-30s, a revolutionary and a feminist far ahead of her time. They met around 1953 or 1954 in the most unlikely of places – a laboratory where she worked as a pharmaceutical biochemist and he as an apprentice chemical technician. The two could not have been more dissimilar. Yet they cemented a unique friendship that bridged decades as well as deep political and religious chasms.

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Survivors reflect on Pope Francis' role in Argentina's bloody 'dirty war'

Nobody in early 1976 was aware of the scale of the killing programme that Argentina's military were secretly starting to execute. "At the beginning, we saw the military as saviours who had come to deliver us from the violence of the ultra-right death squads and far left terrorists that had desolated Argentina during the previous government of Isabel Perón," says Robert Cox, the British, former editor of the Buenos Aires Herald.

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Questions remain over Pope Francis' role during Argentina's dictatorship

Jorge Bergoglio was head of the Jesuit order in the 1970s when the church backed military government and called for patriotism

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