Ukrainian troops told to ‘stop texting girlfriends’ as Russians use drones to track cell phones: report
General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

Ukrainian troops have received orders to stop texting loved ones from the battlefield as Russia is using drones to locate soldiers based on their cell phone signals.

"In Ukraine, it is known that the Russians are using the Leer-3 electronic warfare system - comprised two drones and a command truck - as a means to locate Ukrainian forces. This system can pick up more than 2,000 phones within a 3.7-mile range, potentially enabling a whole host of enemy positions to be found," Sky News reports.

Sky News reported Ukrainian troops had received orders to leave their phone's SIM card at home and walk 400-500 meters away from their squad before making a phone call.

"Always keep your phone off. Your life depends on it," the orders read, warning "missiles will hit your whole squad."

"Troops told to turn off their phones, stop texting girlfriends," Fox News' Jennifer Griffin reported.

"The presence of these electronic warfare systems has meant that ringing home has become 'the digital version of carelessly lighting a cigarette at night,' according to researchers at Copenhagen University," Sky News reported.

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