'Worn-out' educators beg for help after series of 'unsettling' student brawls

School officials in Pennsylvania are begging parents to help them curb "unsettling" behavior by students towards educators and one another.

Daniel McGarry, superintendent of the Upper Darby School District, sent a letter to parents asking for help after a series of fights near the high school and around school buses that have resulted in serious injuries, and he also shared the names of outside organizations that could assist families, reported WPVI-TV.

"Please talk to them about treating one another with respect," McGarry wrote. "I know we are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, and the last several months have been physically and emotionally draining, but our schools should be one of the safest places in a young person's life."

A student was stabbed in the face during a large fight in October near Upper Darby High School, and the next day two students were arrested following a large fight at a shopping center across the street.

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"That's how they behave," said Orah Stanish, who worked at the shopping center but quit her job following the altercation. "They come through and we have to kick them out of the shop because they start fighting each other."

McGarry said teachers and school staffers are also feeling the strain from frequent fighting amongst students.

"Our staffs are worn out trying to provide our students the best they have to offer," McGarry said. "We need your support. As parents/guardians, we ask that you please speak to your children about appropriate conduct on their way to and from school and in school."