Utah assistant AG apologizes for profanity-laced email sent to Asian American political candidate

A Utah state attorney is under fire after he lashed out at an Asian American political candidate who allegedly woke him up from a nap while campaigning door-to-door, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Darin Mano was doing door-to-door campaigning over the weekend for a City Council position when he rang the doorbell of assistant attorney general Steven A. Wuthrich. Mano then later received an expletive-laden email from Wuthrich saying he and his wife were taking a nap when the doorbell rang and woke up their dogs -- an email that Mano shared a screenshot of to his campaign Instagram account.

"I will do everything in my power to see you never get elected to any office higher than dog catcher," Wuthrich wrote in the email, going on to tell Mano that he hates him. "Kindly die and go to hell motherf*cker," he wrote.

Mano addressed the incident.

"After a day of canvassing and trying to reach my constituents in District 5, I came home to this hateful email. As an Asian American and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I must stand up against hate speech and call it out when I see it," Mano wrote in his Instagram post. "As a City Councilmember and a candidate running for election, it's my duty to reach my constituents, listen to what is important to them and make informed decisions. There's no room for hate in our city."

After news of the email circulated, Wuthrich issued a public apology, saying he reacted with "undue anger" when he was woken up. "Since then, I have regretted the ferocity and language of that email," he added. "My words were uncivil and unprofessional. From me personally, I apologize to Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano and his family."