Fox News contributor knocks 'unfair' reporters who grilled Texas official over cops' response to school shooting
Crosses outside Robb Elementary in remembrance of those killed in a massacre at the school in Uvalde, Texas

Former police officer, Trump administration official, and Fox News contributor Tom Homan says reporters and pundits criticizing the police response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 19 students and two teachers, are being a bit too harsh.

"I'm not a Monday morning quarterback, I'm just saying there's a lot of cops here who did a lot of the right things and overall saved a lot of lives, but there's gonna be lessons learned," Homan told Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany.

Homan went on to say that the investigation still isn't completed and some of the criticism of the law enforcement response is "jumping the gun."

"And some of these reporters, the way they're firing these questions at [Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McGraw] is a little unfair."

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