Vermont political consultant fired after hot mic picks up racial slurs during Zoom meeting: report
(Vermont Senate Transportation Committee YouTube screenshot)

A director of a marketing firm working with the Vermont Senate Transportation Committee is out of a job after he was heard uttering a racial slur twice during a Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

According to a report from VTDigger, Steven Gayle, a consultant for Resource Systems Group, Inc. since 2011, was scheduled to testify before the committee during the virtual meeting and, during a break when he was brought onto the screen, seemed unaware that his mic was activated.

The report first noted that three minutes after he had been greeted by the moderator, "the video shows an apparently agitated Gayle whispering and wringing his hands. At one point, he seems to say 'Don't believe this sh*t,' and, 'They'll say anything to get elected.'"

Following that, Gayle reportedly blurted, "You know we arrested every Nโ€”," followed by another comment using the racial slur again while saying something about "prison."

After learning about the incident, RSG CEO Stephen Lawe issued a statement reading, "I apologize to anyone affected by these deplorable remarks. The outburst by an employee of RSG is both regrettable and unforgivable. This kind of behavior is not at all tolerated and the employee was terminated immediately."

Gayle has since been scrubbed from the company's website and his comments were edited out of the video posted to YouTube by the Vermont Senate Transportation Committee.