Video shows 'Prayer Warriors for Herschel' railing against Satan at closed-door megachurch event

Embattled U.S. Senate Herschel Walker received fiery support Tuesday from an estimated 75 “prayer warriors for Herschel” at a Baptist megachurch in Atlanta – with no mention of allegations that he paid for a woman’s abortion, multiple outlets reported.

Journalists were barred from the event at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, but it was captured by an attendee on this Facebook video, as reported by Word and Way, a Baptist publication. Senior Pastor Anthony George and Walker are seen in the video on a stage in the church “with Walker campaign signs on either side,” the report said.

George did not reference the explosive allegations Monday from the Daily Beast that Walker had paid for a woman’s abortion – featuring a $575 abortion clinic receipt, an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker and a “get well” card featuring what appears to be his signature.

But the pastor did reference “a storm is raging outside these walls,” the report said.

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“You give us the grace to face any storm that you allow to happen,” George added in his prayer. “And we thank you that before Herschel was born, you knew him by name, you had ordained his life, you had already anointed him to have gifts and talents that would cause him to excel above all others. Your hand of favor has rested upon his life all the days of his life. The good days and the dark and bad days, you have been there.”

The video showed George reading from Psalm 35 which he attributed to King David. There was also this, according to the report:

“George declared in his prayer that Walker “has come back stronger for every setback” and “he’s come back more faithful for every fight that he’s had to face.” He added that Walker “wants to glorify” God, be true to the Bible, and “wants to do what’s right for our country.”

“Lord, we know that this is a battle he’s facing. It’s more vicious than any sports field he’s ever played on. This is the fight of his life, holy God. And we call forth your ministering angels to be his defenders,” George prayed. “And we ask you to rebuke the devil so Satan will not get the victory. And we know whatever the results of this election, Herschel wins because we are more than conquerors through him that loves us. So, we thank you that we can support our fellow conqueror, our brother, our friend, the one that we are praying for today.”

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George also prayed for a “protective hedge” around Walker’s wife “as she stands by her man.” And he added that the Walkers had “heard the call and they said, ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me.’”

It wasn’t clear if the event took place in direct response to the abortion allegations, according to this reporting from the Religious News Service.

“Kelly Stewart, First Baptist’s director of business operations, told Religion News Service the event was not preplanned, but an Eventbrite invitation for the luncheon was later found online, and it was unclear how long ago it was created. The luncheon came together, she said, because Walker’s campaign “was looking for a place to bring the prayer warriors to gather for Mr. Walker.”