Orban tells right-wing CPAC allies to recruit 'troops' to 'reconquer' American institutions
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will meet US President Donald Trump at the White House on May 13 (AFP Photo/ATTILA KISBENEDEK)

On Thursday, according to U.S. News & World Report, far-right Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest that liberals are threatening Western civilization and the right must unite to defeat them, in a speech loaded with anti-democratic and anti-Semitic dog whistles.

"Progressive liberals, neo-Marxists dazed by the woke dream, people financed by George Soros and promoters of open societies ... want to annihilate the Western way of life that you and us love so much," said Orban in his speech. "We must coordinate the movement of our troops as we face a big test, 2024 will be a decisive year."

Soros, a Jewish Hungarian-born billionaire philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, is a frequent target of right-wing attacks.

"Orban laid out 12 points which he said were key to ensuring a dominance of conservativism, including playing by their own rules, standing up for national interests in foreign policy and gaining control over the media," said the report. "'We must reconquer the institutions in Washington D.C. and Brussels,' Orban said."

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Orban, who recently was re-elected to a fourth consecutive term, has become a controversial figure for his authoritarian crackdowns on press freedom and judicial independence, and accusations of public corruption, as well as his ties to Russia's Vladimir Putin.

He has become a hero for the right in many western countries, with Fox News' Tucker Carlson in particular promoting him as a model for governance. CPAC, which usually hosts its gatherings in the United States, held its gathering this year in Budapest to give him a prominent role.

"Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union that runs CPAC, told the conference that Budapest was the right place to start a conversation about what is going on in Europe, working with 'freedom fighters,'" the report noted.